Hip Hop Pisz is an annual music festival celebrating hip-hop culture in Pisz, featuring live performances, freestyle battles, and graffiti exhibitions. The festival attracts a diverse crowd of hip-hop enthusiasts and artists from all over Poland. It is a dynamic platform for both established and upcoming hip-hop artists to showcase their talent and promote hip-hop culture.


The logo for a hip-hop festival should be dynamic, distinctive, and refer to the characteristic elements of hip-hop culture, such as graffiti, breakdance, or rap. It should be easily recognizable and memorable, making it easier to build brand awareness and encourage participation in the festival. Additionally, due to the nature of the festival, the logo should be modern and original to attract the attention of a young audience interested in hip-hop culture.


Working with Jakub is a pure pleasure. Since 2018, Jakub has been regularly preparing graphics, flyers, posters, clothing designs, and logos for our Hip Hop Pisz event. Quick communication and efficient exchange of information and feedback allow us to close another project very quickly, which is crucial for us in realizing the festival. Jakub is characterized by precision, attention to detail, often comes up with his own initiatives, and suggests what we could improve.


Do you like the design? I would be happy to create a simple and clear logo for you!




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