Volume is an innovative DJ company known for their state-of-the-art sound and lighting projects that provide an engaging experience for partygoers. With a series of talented DJs, Volume serves different music genres, from hip hop to electronic dance music, making it a versatile choice for events. Their passion for music and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences set them apart in the industry.


Logo for a company that specializes in organizing special events should be visually appealing, easily recognizable, and reflect the characteristics of the industry, such as fun, joy, and uniqueness of the events. It should be consistent with the company's image and match its philosophy and values, as well as be scalable and easy to use in various media, such as websites, posters, or promotional materials. Additionally, the logo should attract customers' attention and build brand recognition, as well as encourage them to take advantage of the services offered by the company related to organizing special events.


Jakub literally reads my mind, he perfectly translated all my ideas into a logo that I've been using for several years now. Great communication, speed, and above all, the quality of execution made me happy to come back with other projects 🙂


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